Serving the Community

Debra Silverstein is a member of the neighborhood, and believes in serving her community. Since being elected in 2011, she has worked to make the 50th Ward a better place to live and work. Some of the ways she has done that, include: 

Community Projects

  • The development of a new state-of-the-art library on Western and Pratt, that will also have affordable senior housing.
  • A streetscape that transformed Devon Avenue to not only be safe, but aesthetically pleasing as well.
  • Conversion of 7 acre land into a prairie habitat at Thillens Park to provide residents with a natural experience close to home right in the city.

Community Services

  • Hosting an annual flu shot clinic, ensuring residents receive this important vaccination free of charge.
  • Hosting an annual job fair to aid residents in finding employment opportunities, while also drawing employers to the neighborhood.
  • Hosting an annual City Sticker Day that makes it convenient for residents to purchase their stickers in the neighborhood.

Service Requests (2018)

In 2018 alone, Debra’s office has completed the following service requests, improving the quality of life for all of the 50th Ward’s residents:

  • Trees Trimmed: 332
  • Sewers Cleaned: 301
  • Graffiti Removed: 904
  • Alley Potholes Patched: 227
  • Street Potholes Patched: 665
  • Rodent Burrows Baited: 1,019

Policy and Legislation

  • Co-sponsored Paid Sick Leave Ordinance which ensures employees receive five paid sick days per year.
  • Aided in establishing the Office of Labor Standards which helps guarantee city workers’ rights.
  • Passed an ordinance that established a ban of of bump stocks in the city of Chicago.
  • Strict opposition towards any property tax hikes, and a budget voting record to prove it.