Communication and Transparency

As your Alderman, Debra Silverstein believes that you have a right to know how she is representing you. With this in mind, Debra has made communication and transparency a highlight of her administration. Debra sends out a weekly email newsletter, detailing how she is improving our neighborhood and everything she has done as your voice in the City Council. If you do not receive the newsletter, please visit to sign up.

Debra maintains an office in the 50th Ward at 2949 W. Devon. She holds open office hours every Monday evening where residents are invited to visit and discuss any issues and concerns directly with her. She is also available for appointments during the rest of the week and returns all phone calls directed to her. She is your Alderman, but also a member of the 50th Ward community. She wants to hear from you and help improve the neighborhood we all live in and care about.