Debra Silverstein lives in the 50th ward with her husband Ira, and together they have four children. She has been Alderman since 2011, and has enjoyed the support of her community as she works to improve our neighborhood.

Debra graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in accounting. She used her education to start and build a successful small business, which helped individuals navigate their tax obligations. Utilizing her business knowledge and her dedication to improve the lives of the people in the 50th Ward, Debra decided to run for Alderman.

Highlights of her first two terms as Alderman have included her commitment to improving the safety, beauty and economic strength of the 50th Ward. One of her keystone projects has been the Devon Avenue Streetscape. This ambitious project has completely revolutionized Devon Avenue between Kedzie and Leavitt, adding beautiful new street lights, brick pavers, benches, trees, and more! Stop by to see how Alderman Silverstein has made our business district safer, brighter, greener and more beautiful.

Another priority of Debra’s has been advocating for a new library in the 50th Ward to replace the aging Northtown Branch. Working together as a community, we have finally achieved this goal! A beautiful new, state-of-the-art library is under construction at Pratt and Western, and it should open to the public this winter.

Debra is also dedicated to ensuring the safety of the 50th Ward. In 2018, she organized several multi-jurisdictional Outdoor Roll Calls with the Chicago and Lincolnwood police departments. She has also arranged public safety stings together with the Chicago Police, Evanston Police and Cook County Sheriff’s Department. By working with multiple municipalities in these first-of-their-kind operations, Debra was able to help cut through the red tape and take solid actions to keep our neighborhood safe. She also regularly holds safety seminars and town hall meetings with the leadership of the police department , and attends the monthly CAPS meetings where you can discuss safety concerns with her in person.

Drawing from her wide breadth of knowledge and commitment to the residents of the 50th Ward, Debra will continue to work every day to make the community in which she raised her children once again regain its full potential.

Please join the campaign to help make sure the 50th Ward remains one of the best neighborhoods in the City of Chicago!