About Debra Silverstein

Debra Silverstein

has been Alderman of the 50th Ward since 2011. In just a few short years, she has helped make our neighborhood stronger and more economically secure. Since her election, she has been working tirelessly to develop new ideas and implement them to help all of the residents, families and businesses of the 50th Ward.

In addition to her tenure as Alderman, Debra has many years of experience running a small business and organizing local community events. She knows the challenges and needs of the 50th Ward and continues to put her expertise to work improving the community she calls home.

With your help, Debra will continue to join with individuals, groups and community organizations throughout the neighborhood to make the 50th Ward safer, more beautiful and a better place to raise a family. She looks forward to continue working with you to improve our neighborhood. Together, we can make the 50th Ward of Chicago shine!



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